Flaming darts (Ephesians 6:16), also known as “the kisses of the enemy” (Proverbs 27:6) are what the devil uses to attack us with. They are evil thoughts meant to tempt, torment, or to deceive us. When these thoughts are believed, we have placed our trust or faith in the enemy’s lies. Fear is negative faith – It believes the wrong type of thing. The only fear we need is the fear of God which will keep us out of trouble (Proverbs )

Whether a Christian or not the enemy will always be at work to lead mankind astray into the paths of destruction and hell. Satan’s ultimate goal in our lives is to get us to do his desires which leads to sin which in turn leads to hell. many into the paths of depression, self piety, and sexual immorality. But we who are under the blood of Jesus Christ can break free from any curse or sinful habit keeping us bound!

Usually it involved fear or the offer was pleasure and therefore we believed it and went after it. But God who is rich in mercy has revealed Himself to us through Christ who has given us His Truths to live a life of victory through His Name.

A Call to Action

“We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” Eph 6:12

In this verse we are called to wrestle with the devil but how do we fight something that is not tangible? When the enemy attacks our mind it is here where the battle begins. Now, in every battle there are weapons used. Our weapons are spiritual – It’s Faith in God. We must be willing to obey God and to suffer faithfully for Him.

One of scriptures most basic advice for overcoming temptation is waiting on God. Desperation leads to sin. If we wait on God, praying and calling upon His name then He will answer making a way out whether it’s through His Word or a physical escape.

We find in the Bible, in the book of Exodus and Numbers, a famous story about a group of people known as the Hebrews who were slaves in Egypt but were freed by God. Moses was sent by God to help them. This same story is repeated in every Christian’s life. God sent Jesus (who is God in the flesh) to save us from our sinful slavery.

When the Jewish people had left Egypt God led them through the wilderness. The Promise land (an analogy of heaven) was just beyond it. But soon enough however temptation came and many fell into complaint about the weather, lack of food, and so on. They forgot God’s deliverance. Instead of waiting for God they simply sinned by complaining probably to relieve their stress, anxiety, or frustration about the heated weather in the desert.

Had they waited instead of complaining they would received what they needed without the judgment of God. This story was recorded so that we may learn to wait on God during temptation. It is part of overcoming it. Without waiting there is no overcoming of any sort when temptation strikes. Yes, we will suffer as we wait for God but so did God suffer for us when He became the man Jesus Christ and died for our sins, raising from the dead the third day!

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I hope you enjoyed reading this! I haven’t been on for a while because I’ve been working on a website which I’m planning to launch on April. I’m promoting, The Amos Effect. It’s a good read for times like these!

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