A Prophetic book, the Amos Effect takes the reader through and throughout a comparative view of Amos 5:19 with the United States of America.

The Amos Effect unfolds a unique Bible prophecy and current last days events being fulfilled in America. It all started with the Twin Towers in a chain reaction and non-stopped events predicted by Amos 2600 years ago.

As a result of Amos’ oracle, America has faced a lion, a bear and a serpent but who are they and what will they accomplish? This prophecy has shaken the entire nation including the President of the United States of America.

Our present day chaos of national debt, terrorism, tensions with Russia, and soon to be revealed Mark of the Beast is owed to Amos’ prophecy. We have the power to stop such ordeal or bring it to its final completion but at the same time, Amos has the answer for America.

Available in E-Book format and Paperback

(Free if you have the Kindle Unlimited plan on Amazon)

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