not unto our failures or capability but unto Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith. When we look on Him then we have the joy of victory even before we defeat our enemy (the devil) or a spiritual stronghold of whatever kind it may be – whether it’s lust, anger, despair, drug abuse, alcohol.

If I truly put my hope in Christ who is the God of love, whose name is above every name and power both in Heaven and in hell; than their emerges a hope that is a able to resist the longest of foes I have been struggling with.

Ask to Be Filled With The Holy Ghost

This hope emerges when we are filled by the Holy Ghost when we in prayer, taking the time and patience, ask God to be refilled with His awesome mighty Spirit. By then having His Spirit overflow in us we shall then have the confidence to take on, endure, and fight each battle Satan throws at us. Though my foes be great and tall, vast in numbers, with a book of spells to enchant or seduce I know the God I have has long ago defeated this kind of enemy even before I was around.

If I am looking unto myself, comparing myself with the problem then I am putting my hope upon myself who am a mere man; who can not change one hair white nor add a cubit of measure to my height! If I so put my hope on myself then I will fall in discouragement, in despair because logic will tell me and reason will pound me with “You will not and can not fix this, leave this, nor endure this!”

Seek Him and you will Find Him

You may still be saying “Where can I get this sudden faith?” It may be my friend that you may just have to seek Him with all your heart. And then when He visits you after you Praise his name in the mist of discouragement and give thanks for His mercy and confess and forsake your sins to Him, all in prayer, then you will have this hope. As it is written: “And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.” – Jeremiah 29:13

And when He visits you then you will know you are not alone and every verse that you quote, that proceeds out of His mouth will you also know that they are eternal and righteous and true; taring down all spiritual strongholds for His glory’s sake.

As we look on Jesus allowing nothing good or bad to remove our sight from Him, we shall surely have victory in all things. For it is Jesus who loves us and it is the Father’s good pleasure to give us His kingdom. Now we will stand and make it past the enemy’s trench and reach the goal if our hope reminds in Christ. Amen